Imieti is Nigeria's No1 Online Agency.

Do you have what it takes to be our next Brand Ambassador?


Fill out the registration form and upload 4 studio pictures of yourself

Make a short explainer video (30 seconds) describing Imieti and what it is about. Kindly Click Here to learn about Imieti

Upload other entertaining videos of yourself that will earn you points. Each video should be 30seconds or less.

A special link will be created for you. Share this link to family and friends. When they click on the link, they visit your profile page and earn you points.

Points are awarded as follows:
10% for uploaded pictures
After successful registration, your profile page will be automatically created. Upload 4 pictures we can use to assess you.

15% for Explainer Video
After uploading 4 pictures, a button will appear which you can use to upload an explainer video
Create and upload an explainer video. In the explainer video, you will describe how you will promote Imieti.

10% for Entertainment Videos
Create and upload at least 2 entertainment videos of yourself singing, dancing, reading or whatever will be entertaining to your audience.
We will use this to measure your creativity.

10% for getting supporters to visit your profile page by clicking on your special link
After uploading videos, a special link will be created for you.
Share this link to your supporters. Each time they visit, you get a point.
We use this to measure your networking skills

15% for getting most likes on Instagram and/or Facebook
Go to our Facebook and Instagram pages and share the Brand Ambassador Contest post.
The person with the most likes and comments will earn more points

40% for number of Votes gotten
Get your supporters to vote. To cast a vote, your supporter should visit your profile page using your referral link and then cast their vote.
We will use this to measure your support base.
Please note that each vote costs ₦50. Instructions on how to cast a vote can be found when a supporter visits your profile page

The top 50 people with the highest points at the end of the competition will qualify for the final audition at Bolingo Experia hotels, Abuja

Winners will be announced on Saturday, 21st of January, 2023.

Audition of finalists will be on Saturday, 28th of January, 2023.

Imieti is managed in Nigeria by Caldoc Systems, a fully registered IT company. You can get more information about Caldoc Systems here

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